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Reluctant to part with the PlayStation 4 while many are playing PS5 and considering reflections in Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart or Demon’s Souls? Or maybe you decided to purchase a console for the first time, but due to global supply problems, you could not get a new generation of consoles? Be that as it may, the PlayStation 4 is still good. So much so that you shouldn’t call her an “old lady” because she can run cool games that will amaze you with graphics and gameplay. These are the best PlayStation four games of all time, and 2021.

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Resident Evil Village

It’s a new part of the famous horror series. Village plot continues the story of Ethan Winters, the hero of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. In a new adventure, he meets with ghouls, vampires, and even scary robots. The village is a horror in a semi-open world. The hero can travel to different locations, fighting opponents and solving puzzles. For example, you need to play the right tune on the piano or turn the statues, guided by clues, to get an item or open a secret door. Fans of the series will learn a little more about the mysterious virus that appeared in the seventh part and meets old acquaintances, such as Chris Redfield.

Immortals Fenyx Rising

It’s a new series of the French studio Ubisoft, the creator of Assassin’s Creed. “Immortals Fenyx Rising” came up while working on the adventures of the Assassins in Ancient Greece. The developers realized they could not afford to go beyond certain limits and tell a fantastic story about gods, myths, and unique creatures. So, they came up with a new game that did well in sales and won the hearts of gamers.

The player will take on the role of Phoenix, which can be created independently, choosing gender and appearance. According to the plot, the hero remains the only hope of the gods, who were captured by the monstrous giant Typhon. Running through a colorful world reminiscent of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, the player will fight monsters, as well as solve puzzles (there is something similar to checkers or physical puzzles, for example, roll a large ball along a particular path). With a strong storyline, colorful graphics, and a pleasant combat system, the game has earned the love of gamers around the world.

Hitman 3

The final part of the adventures of the famous bald barcode killer began in 2000. In 2016, the Hitman franchise was rebooted. The game has become a giant sandbox (semi-open type maps with many options for passing) and has earned the recognition of fans of stealth action games that love stealthy passage and not just shooting left and right.

We can say that the game is very similar to an online casino. Here and in a casino, you can choose locations and receive bonuses. Only in the casino is there still an opportunity to get money for winning. To do this, the player can try to find Juicy Vegas no deposit bonus codes and free chips and ensure that many casinos give bonus codes and much more. Hitman 3 has six new locations. There are many ways to get through. The hero can change clothes and decide a way to eliminate the target. After the game is completed, the developers offer a series of challenges, allowing you to spend even more time in “Hitman 3”.

Sackboy: Big Adventure

It’s a colorful adventure in the genre of platformer. You will need to jump, cling to ledges, and overcome obstacles in abysses and other dangers to reach the goal. It’s one of the top 2 player games on PS4. The game supports an online multiplayer mode. The plot in the game is simple (you need to save the city from an insidious villain), but in platform games, there are usually no complex stories with a moral choice. It is a fun adventure that is suitable for both children and adults.


A long-term construction game came out in 2021, although it was first discussed in development in 2016. In Biomutant, players will travel to a post-apocalyptic world where animals have mutated and become like humans – they always swear and learn martial arts and firearms. It is a role-playing action game, which means that players can change the appearance and characteristics of the hero, fight opponents and explore the world by climbing mountains or swimming in water.


You can run a lot of cool games right now on PlayStation 4. If you haven’t upgraded to PlayStation 5 yet, don’t worry. Shortly, new projects will be released, also available on PS4. The generational change will last another year, so free up some disk space and go for new games!


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