Tier list for Multiversus: characters and their specificities

News games are usually a mystery for the players. And discovering this mystery is a pleasure because you touch on something new and fresh, and of course, you hope for engaging gameplay and exciting time spent. But however you do like surprises, it’s always better to have an idea about what the game looks like and which character it is better to start with if you want to have a good time. For this reason, Mobalytics has created a Multiversus tier list to facilitate your discovery considerably and bring some order to your actions.

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Multiversus: the new game of July 2022

Multiversus appeared in this world on July 2022. The game was released by Warner Bros., as most characters that you can see and play here belong to this company. The final set of heroes you see differs from things you might have seen or heard about. However, it does not make the game worse – it still surprises with the diversity of characters and richness of their abilities.

Mobalytics – what do they do?

Mobalytics is a source you can use to enhance your gameplay. To be more specific, the source has an app that tracks your in-game activity and analyses it to bring more clarity to the cause-effect relationships that may seem hidden. The advantage is that you can have an idea of what and how you do before, during, and after the play. So you can analyze your activities at any step.

This option is available for a limited set of the most popular games. But Mobalytics watches the current trends and presents some materials not related to their main direction. Most such articles in their blog and the analysis of Multiversus are also placed there.

Tier list: the best and the worst

The article contains the description of characters and is brief, which helps understand well how the powers are balanced. It also serves to keep all the secrets of tricks the characters have a secret – so even if you have read attentively, you are still intrigued about how to play.

The tier list divides the characters into five levels (or tiers), from the best to the worst. The best is Bugs Bunny because his abilities allow for smooth and fascinating development with no loss in battle quality. The characters of the S and A tiers have also many advantages to appreciate, but their weaknesses are more perceptible than those Bugs has. In other aspects, the characters have pretty slight power gradation, so in some cases, the heroes of A and S tiers can be interchangeable. Another point to appreciate is that much still depends on a player – how he reveals the hero’s potential and does the character correspond to the manner of playing. Looking from this point, it’s possible even to say that the worst character can become one of the best.

Among the other criteria for classifications, you will find the division into classes. As the game allows for 2×2 fights, teamwork is also a significant part here, and five classes of functions help this matter. Thus, you can benefit from:

  • bruisers – the most numerous category (includes Batman, Shaggy, Morty, and others);
  • tanks – is represented by only 3 characters but is a valuable part of a team play;
  • supports – also has only three representatives according to the infographics table;
  • assassins – again three characters to choose from;
  • mages – the rarest and the most difficult class to play.

Each has some baseline features, which are present in any game where the heroes of these classes appear. But they have also many unique capacities allowing them to enjoy the battles and invent new approaches. Different levels of difficulty are also a point to appreciate. It provides ample room for your freedom of choice and saves that system to function the same seamlessly.

Multiversus is one of the games which combines old and new and offers it as a new product to the players. But it is a great product as here you’ll find the balance, harmonized setting, and variability. Mobalytics is glad to make a little introduction to this crossover world and lead you further as the patch updates will appear. Join the community and enhance your gameplay!

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