699+Record Label Name Ideas

Isn’t it great, if you are thinking of starting a record label of your own that will inspire the new generations along with the genres you are going to make it? Also, finding a name for your record label is completely challenging.

Being an artist you must have taken care of the dream to own a record label company. When you are going to create your own record label company, always try to choose good label names, which will add value to your production. A unique and creative record label name may give you a proper brand image.

Now, if you are confused with common questions like how to name a record label? How to create a record label name? What should I name my record label? Then you are on the right platform to get your answers quickly. As we are going to help you find the right name for your record label.

Before getting into the names , first let us know how to come up with a record label name ?

To get a catchy name of your record label, you need to do the following !

  • The name you choose must have a unique feature and the name should be related to music
  • You should consider a mission to visualize
  • The name must contain a vision to celebrate the reason.
  • The name should influence an audience
Label MoveLabel HowRecord IgniteRecord Jam
Ideas HookRecord HowRecord RecklessName Flow
Record BeatsIdeas PlayLabel ShareIdeas Distortion
Label PulseName TriggerLabel JamIdeas Move
Name TimeRecord CodaLabel BluesRecord United
Ideas AltoRecord VoiceIdeas AccordRecord Ghost
Record MixLabel BigRecord DigiName Duo
Name PolyIdeas WaveLabel ChorusRecord Share
Record TempoRecord DreamLabel PopRecord Click
Label ReduxRecord PlayName BoldIdeas Trigger
Ideas DreamRecord RateName SirenName Dare
Name LargoIdeas BoldLabel VampName Pitch
Label MagnetLabel HowRecord MixRecord Vox
Record ChorusIdeas StepLabel InspireName Voice
Ideas RewindIdeas PolyName CrashLabel Crash
Label BravoName PublishLabel ShotgunIdeas Theory
Ideas StrumIdeas FlowLabel AssemblyLabel Edition
Label RhythmName MixLabel AwareLabel Digi
Name CeramicRecord SparkName UnitedIdeas Push
Record ChangeIdeas CauseIdeas ToneIdeas Rock
Label BeatsLabel CodaLabel ProjectName Surge
Ideas IgniteName RideName LimitlessIdeas Power
Record TrillIdeas TrustRecord ScaleRecord Insight
Label BalladIdeas SupremeLabel RaveRecord Tide
Record EchoIdeas BassName BoomLabel Vibe
Record Label
Record Label
Name VoxIdeas AssureLabel LargoName Play
Ideas VarietyName PublishName VexIdeas Bold
Label SynthRecord HonorRecord ReduxName Tune
Ideas VampLabel PointName RadiusLabel Edition
Record ArkLabel VerseIdeas MovementIdeas How
Name PlayLabel MassName MagnetRecord Tempo
Label SongbirdLabel StarterLabel TriggerIdeas Rewind
Name UnionRecord ElevateRecord SupremeLabel Sage
Record LineName IgniteLabel CanaryRecord Measure
Ideas MelodyName LoopRecord CapitalName Assure
Name InsideRecord VerseRecord DisclosureRecord Distortion
Ideas InspireRecord PopRecord TridentName Wave
Label ProsperIdeas StormName BassLabel Phantom
Record ClickIdeas HeartLabel BeatIdeas Rise
Label TrillName BoomLabel MixedLabel Crowd
Name VerseLabel RaveRecord SageIdeas Ballad
Record DuoLabel ShareIdeas StarterIdeas Hook
Record WaveyRecord RadiusIdeas TuneLabel Discover
Ideas SagaIdeas CloudRecord ScribeRecord Storm
Label ChangeName FlightLabel MadeLabel Axe
Label FeedName DiscoverName FlowIdeas Wave
Label SupremeIdeas LightName WaveName Capital
Ideas DuoIdeas MasteredRecord ModusName Raw
Record TridentLabel BangName EditionName Wave
Ideas TonicRecord SynthIdeas EnjoyRecord Dance

Because from the name you will generate your future revenues. So a good label name is your added bonus.

Cool, Best Record Label Names

We are summarizing some of the coolest names to help you in starting your own record company names. First of all , there is no specific rule to generate record label names. You should give names to your record label to have an identity.

Now we are giving you some coolest names, check it out !

Record ChamberRecord SagaName RideLabel Tonic
Ideas MovementLabel RockRecord PraiseRecord Wavey
Record WaveLabel TrillName VoiceRecord Tune
Ideas GhostName DuoLabel HypeLabel Cymbal
Name HookRecord CannonRecord PlayName Bold
Ideas SirenLabel CannonRecord BlankName Cloud
Label LiftIdeas GeniusName SagaName Enjoy
Label WisdomName VibeRecord FusionRecord Stream
Label RadiusIdeas EchoRecord BassRecord Major
Ideas DreamLabel BlankRecord MoveIdeas Sharp
Ideas FlowIdeas WiseRecord ChiefName Loud
Ideas ShareRecord DisclosureLabel MajorIdeas Sessions
Record NovelLabel VerseLabel PickupLabel Project
Label FusionRecord ShoutLabel PlayIdeas Honor
Ideas SplitName CymbalName ToneRecord Vox
Ideas ElectricRecord OutletName ElevateLabel Limitless
Name FusionIdeas RewindRecord CeramicRecord Duo
Name VerseIdeas RuckusRecord MusicRecord Limitless
Name RadiusIdeas PowerRecord PlugLabel Point
Record WisdomRecord FeedIdeas BangIdeas Choir
Label FretRecord SongbirdName TimeName Mastered
Ideas StarterIdeas SoundRecord PolyName Fret
Record FlowRecord SongbirdRecord ArrowheadLabel Distortion
Record ChoirLabel TimeIdeas AccordRecord Amp
Ideas VibeLabel BalladIdeas ArrowheadIdeas Scale
Best Record Label
Best Record Label
Retro BeepTempting TunesStudiogoRecord Crowd
StarburstMic BizStudio GeniusName Mass
Cyber TuneThe High School MusicArt to StartIdeas Tune
Music WaveFusion MusicCreative SpaceRecordopolis
Good TunesFolk MagicOn DisplayLabel Flow
Drum MastersBreakthrough RecordsPro StudioRecordio
Mix TapeElectric GuysGrow StudioName Plug
Studio MagicNew SymphonyStudio ScenesLabel Inspire
Hit FactoryThe classic musicSingers GalleryLabel Scope
Record RoyaltyVoices RecordsLips StudioRecord Cloud
Sound StudioMusical vibesElegance StudioLabel Records
Hit MakersBlack Jack MusicDream House StudioNamewind
Spot On RecordsSerious SoundsPristine StudiosLabelverse
Music BoxSpot on RecordsNote StudiosName Ark
Music EnterprisesRecording GeekIndigenous Art StudioIdeaslux
C ChordSpot on MusicForm StudiosLabelporium
The Guitar GroupRetro MixArtwit StudiosRecord Scope
DIY MusicMusic LabRound Wave StudioRecord Rocky
Harmonized TunesMarvellous TunesSound GlanceLabel Outlet
Top Base Records7th NoteSonic ManicIdeas Pop
Top Charts4 stringsWed RecordingLabel Made
Street MusicRiver SoundUrbanity MusicLabel Mass
Alloy MusicNew Life MusicAudi GlanceRecord Modus
Signature TracksTrack DistributionVoice MobRecord Cannon
Sound BlastDistrict RecordsAudio BuzzerName Spotlight

Record Label Name Generator

Wherever you are now, if you are dreaming about your own record label then you can use one of the below-mentioned names from the list. We hope that we will inspire you with the names to start your first record label name!

Record Label Name Generator
Record Label Name Generator
VocalusAiry RecordsLion MusicRecordster
Pop vocalsSoft WavesMic CheckIdeas Elixir
Rock LifeJust HearSound RangersIdeas Rock
Retro RingsDisc-Over RecordsGood MusicRecord Plug
Hype BeatsIdeas PhantomHit RecordName Mode
Record BlackoutIdeas ProjectLucky MusicIdeasquipo
Label LoopName SonicExtreme MusicIdeas Push
Record MadeName DropThe StageName Pickup
Ideas PickupIdeas ScopeUpstringName Fret
Label CanaryIdeas StanceVoice MaticLabel Loud
Name CloudRecord MachineOne Vibe StudioIdeasium
Record RadiusRecord VerseDexter MusicIdeas Drop
Name CrowdLabel CodaStatic AudioLabelscape
Name BeatIdeas DuoProton MusicLabel Tempo
Ideas SessionsLabellanceRoad Song StudioLabel Modus
Record HordeRecord LegionMoon RecordsRecordlytical
Record MassIdeas WaveGem RecordsRecord Split
Ideas CrashIdeas CanaryBanner MusicRecord Loop
Record KeyLabel PushMagic BrothersRecord Timbre
Ideas RadiusRecord AssureBoom MusicIdeas United
Record ChiefLabel ModeNew Edge StudioLabel Broadcast
Record ApexRecord BeatsOld Sound StudioRecordaro
Record SessionsRecord TonicMusic Box StudioLabel Play
Ideas ProjectNameellaTrusted TunesIdeasporium
Ideas DareLabel VinylMusic Masters StudioRecord Broadcast

Recording Studio Names

Your studio is the place, where you will be making music soon. It depends on you, how you want to address the public. If it is memorable , catchy and meaningful, then it will be easily adopted by the audience. Your expectations should meet the vision for your studio.

Recording Studio Names
Recording Studio Names

To help you with the name itself , here we are providing some names so that you can gather some ideas to design the name for your recording studio!

Name SurgeName PulseTrack In StudioName Prosper
Ideas AssureLabel PickupPerfect RecordsIdeas Tempo
Label FlowRecordbesMozart StudiosName Digi
Name PitchRecord DanceMusic XRecord Project
Label VibrationIdeas AxeMix Tapes StudiosLabel Radius
Record TribeLabel PulseRecord CenturyLabelque
Ideas ArrowheadRecord LimitlessHot Bed MusicIdeas Verse
Name ChangeLabel AccordA & B RecordsName Radiant
Name BeatsLabel DigiStudio KeyLabeldeck
Label SharpLabel AssemblyElevator StudioRecord Sonic
Record ScopeRecord SharpAcoustics Sound StudioIdeas Round
Label TempoName LimitlessSoul men RecordsIdeas Mode
Ideas ShareLabel AwareRecord Head MusicName Sessions
Label TimeIdeas CloudHit Mixer StudioRecord Push
Name SupremeRecord MeasureVital Records StudioName Lime
Name MixName HonorLabel MusicRecord United
Record AssemblyLabel HypeLabel ChamberIdeasster
Label GrooveName ElectricName DareIdeas Boom
Label ElixirIdeas TriadLabel PointIdeasbia
Name DisclosureLabel DimeLabel LiftName Union
Record BeatIdeas StrumRecord TrustIdeas Plug
Ideas StanceName ElixirName CeramicRecord Dime
Record BangIdeas GeniusLabel BravoLabel Accord
Ideas UnitedRecord PlayName ChiefRecord Records
Record DareLabel VibeLabel PhantomLabel Flight

Record Label Names Not Used

Record Label Name
Record Label Names Not Used

It is quite challenging to find a record label name which is not used. There are many record labels around the world.

BoldLabel PulseRecordoozeUsed Tonic
UsedtasticUsed MasteredVibrationRecordaza
Label DropNames SageCapitalDance
UsedopolisNot ArrowheadUseddoUsed Outlet
Record TuneNot RewindNot CountUsed Accord
Label CrowdUsed SupremeRecord MoreAssure
BroadcastLabel ProjectUsed MoveRecord Canary
UsednestNot DareAltoNamadora
Record PointRecord DeepNot TuneLabelwind
Record GhostUsed JamUsed IgniteNotcog
Label RideNames VibeLabel TonicCoda
Record ShareUsedgenixTempoLabeloont
UsedaraBlackoutRecordzenNot Tap
Not BlackoutNot DistortionLabel ShoutUsed Divide
Not PolyLabel MeasureNames ChamberRecord Sessions
Names FlowUsed RewindNamtasticLabel Wave
Record PickupNot TideNamfluentNot Jam
Label SharpRecord BangNot GeniusRecord Mix
NotopolisNotverseUsed RhythmTriad
Not NoteRecord NovelRecord FlightNot Rate
Names MelodyUsedliaNames FretNot Siren
Not WaveUsedadriUsed ClefNot Wisdom
Names MixedLabel VibeRecord ArkNot Rhythm
Used ElectricRecord CeramicLabel ReduxNot Radius
BoldMovementNot HordeNames Rave

So to find an uncommon and unused name is a bit difficult. But, with our names and record label name generator, you can make it easily possible.

You have to be very careful , while choosing the names for your record label studio.

Let’s get to know what to do while choosing the names!

  • At first, write down some catchy names, you can take help from the above-mentioned names.
  • Work on your ideas, while choosing the name.
  • After choosing the name, first ask yourself that, “Does the name you put convey any relevant meaning?
  • Is the name easy to understand?
  • Is the name catchy?
  • Does the name match with other competitors?
  • After choosing the name, get some feedback from unknown people. Don’t ask your family and friends for feedback, as they will always praise you for whatever you do. To get the actual critics, you must consult with the strangers!
  • At least keep 5 record label names ready with you. If in case any of the names are taken already then you can try for another.
  • You can do a quick Business Name Search online to find out whether your name is available or not.
  • You also need to search, whether the name is available for trademark and domain registration or not.
  • Competitor Name analysis is also an important factor to kickstart your record label business.


What Are The 4 Major Record Labels ?

The top 4 record labels which are also considered as (Big Four) are as followed :

  • Sony Music Entertainment
  • Universal Music Group
  • Warner Music Group

Also, if you are figuring out the answer to the question, “What is the most famous record label?”, then the answer will be Sony Music.


The article with a note that, always keep in your mind that the name of your record label should be catchy and cool with relevant meaning.

After considering the above-mentioned facts, we hope that now you can find a cool name for your record label. Enjoy music, and spread positive vibes around the world through your music.


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