1999+ Persian Name Ideas & Suggestions

A Persian name is also known as an Iranian name that exists in a given name. They sometimes have more than one, and a surname.

Persian names generally derive from a work of Persian literature called the Shahnameh, making them beautiful as well as unique options for your little one.

Iran, also called Persia, with its eminent as well as historical past, has been an example of a growing nation in old times.

Iran, also called Persia, with its eminent as well as historical past, has been an example of a growing nation in old times.

The Persians are known for their detailed manner inlaid metalwork as well as their legacy of show-stopping building design.

In numerous old towns, nicely decorated pre-Islamic models remain to this day, as do spectacular mosques as well as shrines.

Persian Name Generator

Persian heritage, customs, as well as a culture have influenced the many different kinds of names that you can name a character. Let’s start to take a look at such names.

Find out the ancient words in Persia and then put them in a name generator to create a free name list of your choice.

PersianporiumPersianoontAtlas PersianBambino Names
Moose PersianButcher NamesJuice PersianNamdo
Horizon NamesAttractor PersianPersianluxPersianly
Castle NamesHydra NamesEnchant PersianPost Persian
Tropical PersianFix NamesNamliaPersianlia
Consulting NamesGenerate PersianTease NamesAngel Names
Heritage NamesSoft PersianPatrol PersianFlash Names
Crest PersianBlossom PersianCutsie PersianLia Persian
Timber PersianNamlanceGoodness PersianPersianverse
NamzillaGrowth PersianAero NamesDogma Names
Persian Name Generator
Persian Name Generator
Quick PersianCultivate PersianSwag PersianPersiansio
Spur PersianSharpen PersianFabled NamesViewer Persian
Shadow NamesBoost PersianResource PersianBarbell Names
Affection NamesBright NamesRoot PersianPremium Persian
PersianadilCollab NamesCult NamesChamber Names
Hover PersianNampadCue NamesSail Names
Efficiency PersianNamopediaPersianprismFlavour Names
Tackle PersianAshram NamesInspire PersianPersianscape
Botanical NamesNamzoidMerry PersianBelief Persian
Drip PersianForge PersianLore PersianNamwind
  • Abbas Afshin
  • Ahmed Akhtar
  • Ardashir Bahman
  • Behnam Behrouz
  • Caspar Danyal

Persian City Names

Renowned Persian names, like Armon, Darius, as well as key, are strong as well as classy, just as other names are pretty.

However, you do need to be a tad cautious with Persian names. Numerous of the meanings, myths, as well as stories after a name are not always as cheerful as you might think.

Sharanam PersianBlend PersianElite NamesBricks Persian
Trill NamesNimble PersianAbroad NamesCapital Persian
Sigma NamesPlaces NamesAirborne NamesOrigin Persian
PersianaholicPersianoryxProgress PersianShotgun Names
Brain PersianRemedy PersianStar NamesUnholy Names
Remarkable NamesWise NamesLilac NamesLounge Names
Enforcer PersianKilo NamesBlackout NamesSpotlight Names
Soft PersianRepair NamesCozy PersianFeast Names
Picture NamesPegged NamesAroma PersianHappening Names
Fun PersianDIY NamesFlatland NamesCreations Persian
Persian City Names
Persian City Names
Willow NamesShrine NamesProfuse NamesGuard Names
Flaunt PersianOdin NamesPanda PersianSplendid Names
Ice PersianProgress NamesMortal NamesChubby Persian
Skill NamesMecha PersianWorkshop NamesShore Persian
Restore PersianDispatch NamesComfort NamesMechanics Names
Pioneer PersianCharts PersianSurge NamesGround Names
Chew NamesTractor NamesRose NamesThor Names
Music PersianNomad PersianPenguin NamesUnleashed Persian
Wispy PersianAsylum NamesTempo PersianWorld Persian
Metro NamesKey PersianRipple PersianVictory Persian
  • Dara Ehsan
  • Farbod Farzin
  • Feroze Houssein
  • Jahangir Jalil
  • Nasir Orang

Persian Fantasy

In reality, the Persian boy’s name, Ahriman means devil or evil spirit. In mythology, the meaning of this name is the god of darkness, death, as well as destruction. If you do not select a Persian name with an affirmative meaning, there are even still many options.

Take the Persian boy name Ashtad, which means justice, or the girl name Esme, which means beloved.

Templar PersianAtomic PersianGlamor PersianOne Persian
Garnet PersianSnap PersianGalactic PersianPush Persian
Beacon NamesDug NamesOmega NamesFrame Persian
Wonder NamesBoss PersianSinful PersianHush Names
Speedy PersianAzure NamesTunnel PersianAlley Persian
Flower PersianBuff NamesDestiny PersianTact Names
Only NamesPhysical NamesPot NamesStrong Persian
Ladybug PersianOil NamesReader PersianAttract Persian
Galvanic PersianSimple NamesPass PersianCounty Names
Adhara NamesComman PersianCentral PersianSubtle Names
Persian Fantasy
Persian Fantasy
Mixer PersianFrosted NamesKit PersianBucks Persian
Puff NamesOrzo PersianRanch NamesMove Persian
Directory PersianGain NamesHeritage NamesGlobal Persian
Circle PersianSaint PersianGracious PersianProject Names
Integrity NamesFoundry NamesSuccess NamesPerfection Names
Nocturne NamesBo NamesTraffic PersianShack Names
Fielder NamesImpact PersianFeed PersianCrystal Persian
Sweet PersianSplendor NamesDiamond PersianIntegrity Names
Sight NamesTouch NamesFlorist NamesUnreal Names
Furry NamesTrace PersianLadybug PersianBright Names
  • Perviz Sajeel
  • Saman Shahriyar
  • Timur Ahura
  • Ajmal Arman
  • Bijan Basir

Old Persian Names

Scroll down to get Persian names

Drop PersianGiant PersianProgress PersianSimple Persian
Pleasures PersianViewer PersianLoop PersianDrive Persian
Comely PersianArtful NamesRunner NamesEarth Names
Woodworking PersianTorque NamesTickle PersianThink Persian
Rah NamesScrumptious PersianCollect NamesGraph Persian
Spark PersianInk PersianRegion NamesDesk Persian
Pavement PersianProgressive PersianPiglets NamesFactory Names
Superhero NamesBamboo PersianHabit NamesChoice Names
Tab PersianStrategy PersianVisage NamesFuel Names
Roshan PersianDovey PersianSeal PersianTeam Names
Old Persian Names
Old Persian Names
Eden NamesRules PersianRepair NamesInvision Persian
Infinity PersianSculpt PersianHack NamesTribe Persian
Frontier PersianRanch NamesSkill PersianOwl Names
Makers PersianDeluxe NamesKaiser PersianIntense Names
Fard NamesHealth NamesPlatinum NamesCabin Names
Speed PersianMatter NamesUnleashed PersianAccess Persian
Offense PersianHot NamesBolt NamesSprout Names
Aces NamesCrimson PersianSpices PersianAholic Names
Combat NamesEncore NamesEdge PersianDistrict Names
Engage NamesBenefits NamesBold PersianHero Names
  • Ghazi Homayun
  • Hooman Houshang
  • Iman Jahandar
  • Kamran Kayvan
  • Kazem Kian

Persian Warrior Names

This name generator will create 10 random Persian names randomly. Persian is a language spoken primarily in Iran, Afghanistan, as well as Tajikistan.

There are 110 million speakers across the world. It gradually became the second language after Arabic to be widely used in Muslim works.

Carousel NamesOutrider PersianSpot PersianTouch Names
Lobby PersianPro PersianSleuth NamesEpic Persian
Mode NamesDrill NamesFoster PersianRating Persian
Grassland NamesVote PersianOil NamesFlavor Names
Top NamesPorcelain NamesCzar NamesPlane Names
Pursue PersianDirection PersianRoyal NamesBlank Persian
Wheat PersianAcrylic NamesRelied NamesGeek Names
Connection PersianCheap Shot PersianAdvisor NamesExpert Persian
Craft PersianChirp NamesKnit PersianZone Persian
Cutie NamesIntel PersianRags PersianPower Persian
Persian Warrior Names
Persian Warrior Names
Yap PersianLady NamesAnga NamesCloset Persian
All Day NamesTech NamesCore NamesIconic Persian
Minimal NamesHandmade NamesBarge NamesDream Persian
Native PersianGuardian NamesOn-Court NamesCanary Persian
Confidence NamesOoze NamesLit PersianRider Names
Gawk NamesMore NamesForest PersianAurora Names
Slip PersianLegion NamesAmor PersianDelicacy Names
Sparrow PersianAblaze NamesDen NamesDrip Persian
Crystals PersianTrill PersianAmeli PersianBench Names
Classic PersianVedic PersianOlogy PersianDash Names
  • Mazdak Milad
  • Naseem Shahruz
  • Soroush Vahid
  • Wuhaib Arsha
  • Ashraf Chadi

Persian Surname

Persian names follow the perhaps more western system of first names followed by a surname. Being spoken in Muslim countries there are of course many differences in Muslim names as well as albeit with Persian twists

Extreme PersianCapital NamesSoul PersianBond Names
Rain NamesCentral PersianInjection NamesSmurf Persian
Action PersianBloom NamesMantle NamesIvy Names
Passion NamesFirst NamesZipped NamesLand Persian
Cosmic NamesDive PersianSierra PersianPeanut Persian
Scout NamesBlur NamesHero PersianTree Persian
Move PersianSure PersianReliance PersianCapital Persian
Healthy PersianCredit NamesMadam PersianProfessional Names
Signals PersianAdvise PersianExotic PersianRebel Names
Excalibur PersianTow PersianVintage NamesFields Persian
Persian Name Generator
Persian Name Generator
Cannon PersianBreeze PersianHarmonious PersianDynamic Names
Blessing NamesElectrify PersianBet NamesThink Persian
Guerilla NamesGrowth PersianInsurgent NamesHeaven Names
Meditation PersianOrigin NamesRogue NamesHotspot Names
Netic NamesMoisturise PersianPublic PersianBuzz Persian
Awaken PersianTemple NamesTinker NamesEfficiency Persian
Motive PersianForged PersianNimble NamesWelfare Names
Current NamesVictoria PersianRoyal NamesStreet Persian
Official NamesGenesis PersianSanctuary PersianChecker Names
Port PersianRooster PersianFirst Down NamesForage Names
  • Dana Dilshad
  • Elham Gul
  • Gulzar Hayat
  • Jihan Hehrab
  • Nima Nora

Medieval Persian Names

Viewpoint PersianLia NamesWelfare PersianEnchant Persian
Spar NamesPower PersianCheery PersianVest Persian
Rover PersianInfo PersianFlourish NamesEmporium Names
Companions PersianFlex PersianProduce PersianFade Persian
Superhero NamesLane NamesHustle PersianTrekker Names
Bounty PersianRevolution PersianForeground PersianTantric Names
Table NamesRident NamesMoisture PersianHarley Names
Reach PersianPrajna NamesMod PersianBeast Persian
Elegant PersianCraze NamesCrispy NamesFlair Persian
Mass NamesThrive PersianFly PersianTonic Names
Medieval Persian Names
Perfection PersianTrade NamesSunshine NamesPlant Persian
Grin PersianCampaign PersianSensor PersianAbility Names
You NamesAnvil PersianMattress PersianVapor Persian
Wild PersianDawn NamesMalasana PersianReal Persian
Integral PersianConnect PersianDainty NamesSonic Names
Acuity NamesScrub PersianCrater NamesReboot Persian
Portfolio PersianBeacon NamesLoop NamesFoster Names
Wisdom PersianAshram NamesFresh PersianSplash Names
Bask NamesSmart PersianAltitude NamesForward Persian
Perfection NamesMite NamesBegin NamesClick Persian
  • Omid Parveen
  • Roshan Shahnaz
  • Shamsi Zaryab
  • Arsham Arzhng
  • Aryo Cyrus

Persian Male Names

Speedy PersianImagine PersianDona NamesSmarts Persian
Zipped NamesGolden NamesBox NamesImage Names
Calm PersianGreenery PersianTech PersianHonest Names
Turf PersianBasics PersianTip-off PersianInjection Persian
Starter NamesExpress PersianDusk NamesShape Persian
Create PersianWarm PersianPropel PersianClassic Persian
Ninja PersianLung NamesMage PersianSpace Persian
Souls NamesWhiffle NamesSource NamesSensor Persian
Match PersianSaint NamesFlaunt PersianAlleviating Persian
Sweet NamesNational NamesZen PersianDetect Persian
Persian Male Names
Persian Male Names
Vault NamesTInted PersianRival PersianControl Persian
Bonjour PersianKisan PersianPreserve NamesJoint Names
Division PersianMountain NamesSapient PersianAcute Persian
Grow NamesMason PersianBrazen PersianTenor Names
Bin PersianPivot PersianBrahma PersianPathway Persian
City PersianOne PersianStork PersianCircuit Names
Rock NamesBoost PersianNirvana NamesFlavour Persian
Fluffy PersianFine PersianAthena NamesEco Persian
Scat NamesElixir NamesSincere NamesTint Names
Tint NamesAttain NamesSugar PersianStone Names
  • Faridoon Hafez
  • Jahan Javed
  • Kaveh Maisil
  • Melchior Mirza
  • Mukhtar Pouyan

Ancient Persian Names

Point PersianWillow PersianCall PersianMeditation Persian
Ago NamesLove NamesGlow PersianEstate Names
Viol NamesWise NamesTales NamesMercy Persian
Vigor NamesMainstay NamesViews NamesModsih Persian
Clever NamesDuke PersianPortraits NamesFirst Persian
Trans NamesFood PersianCrafted NamesDepot Names
Affair PersianStrong-Side PersianNatural NamesFever Persian
Ground NamesHope PersianSmile NamesSmart Names
Feed NamesNeutral NamesFor Less PersianGory Names
Horde NamesSpur PersianStar NamesTime Names
Ancient Persian Names
Ancient Persian Names
Aristocrat PersianGuardian PersianPretty PersianTulip Names
Exact NamesClimax PersianNebula NamesDynasty Persian
Sugary NamesBuddies NamesBasic NamesBold Names
Basics PersianStandard PersianAsylum NamesCity Persian
A1 NamesGem PersianFortune PersianSoft Persian
Fuze PersianSpeedy NamesEtch PersianUtopia Names
Ward NamesElite NamesThrive NamesArena Persian
Jumbo NamesFree NamesNational NamesKevalam Persian
Natural PersianSnaffle PersianObey PersianBuck Persian
Plateau NamesSnifty NamesGalactic PersianAce Names
  • Ramin Rostam
  • Siyamak Sohrab
  • Tahir Tooraj
  • Adil Barzin
  • Esfandyar Khusro

Persian Nicknames

Sunlight NamesEquinox NamesSymbol PersianPlanet Persian
Remedy NamesCrafted PersianCollective PersianHerb Names
Crowd NamesSoundwave NamesBoost NamesEcho Names
Vigilant NamesBelief NamesPreview NamesGhost Names
Pure PersianSignals NamesEverest NamesCove Persian
Central NamesFarm PersianSplash NamesBlush Names
Frontier PersianMelodic NamesZita NamesMillions Names
Backpack PersianPlants NamesDetail PersianPath Names
Paladin NamesInsight NamesGlobal PersianLovey Persian
Enhance PersianOwn NamesNetwork PersianStone Names
Persian Nicknames
Persian Nicknames
Platinum PersianBeaming NamesGen PersianArts Persian
Nimble PersianDrove NamesGlobe NamesRocket Persian
Genie PersianLifesaver PersianClue NamesRoadhouse Persian
Lord NamesLifestyle PersianBevy PersianBrilliant Names
Direction NamesSooth NamesImagine NamesDuo Names
Vignette PersianSociety NamesVerse NamesFlood Names
Serendipity NamesScope PersianElite NamesComfort Names
Wrangler PersianInner PersianFrig PersianFounder Persian
Afford PersianMotion PersianBeyond PersianQuest Persian
Scale PersianZone PersianArclight PersianCanyon Names
  • Kourosh Liam
  • Masih Miran
  • Pouria Ramak
  • Ahil Abbas
  • Abu Adib

Persian American Names

Factory NamesBreezy PersianRide PersianWhiskers Names
Design NamesProtein NamesEco PersianDefy Names
Climate PersianFrost PersianIconic PersianAccelerate Persian
Bullet PersianCalm PersianAbove PersianSunny Persian
Deco PersianMech PersianFlyers PersianGarage Persian
Beauty NamesEclipse NamesWay NamesInfinite Names
Enchant NamesSiren PersianShade NamesJape Persian
Solutions NamesNavigator PersianNative PersianDaily Persian
Origin NamesSupport NamesPhotogenic NamesSeal Persian
Vio PersianReady NamesEmbrace PersianSky Names
Persian American Names
Persian American Names
Mechanics PersianGrok PersianLinked PersianNifty Persian
Design NamesNotice NamesLucid PersianComplex Persian
Tonal PersianWildlife PersianMeridian PersianCommune Persian
Peace NamesElegant NamesGloss PersianDivine Persian
Zone PersianSilk NamesSwish PersianBuddy Persian
Point PersianRemote NamesUnite NamesBear Names
Pooch NamesBoard PersianCollective PersianRefine Persian
Ancestor PersianCzar NamesSocial PersianYap Names
Institute PersianShroud NamesGrounds PersianAid Names
Potential NamesKind PersianLessons NamesCharming Persian
  • Aryan Arash
  • Aref Bahaa
  • Baraz Bahram
  • Behrouz Behnam
  • Bilal Bashir

Persia Girl Name

Flash GamesVictory PersianPaw NamesSprout Persian
Gladiator PersianFrame NamesBoost NamesDivine Names
Amity PersianException PersianFine NamesInsignia Names
Bloom PersianSupplies NamesCrooks NamesBrilliance Persian
Treasure PersianEquity NamesBrake PersianDiablo Names
Academic NamesListings NamesPilot NamesPhilosophy Names
Rate PersianTrained NamesDragon PersianAmaze Names
Bold NamesPalette NamesPictures PersianViewfinder Persian
Sunflower NamesPitch NamesRose PersianArc Names
Wanted NamesAutomation NamesDreams PersianStrap Persian
Persia Girl Name
Baked NamesView PersianEffect NamesDelights Names
Expert PersianLuxe NamesTempean PersianDirection Names
Embrace NamesLooker PersianBranded NamesDream Names
Loaded PersianLore PersianCart PersianBeckon Names
Lucent NamesNest NamesZoid NamesRoyal Names
Vintage PersianAqua NamesNomad PersianNouveau Persian
Continuum PersianInquire PersianCutter NamesBay Names
Grinded PersianForm PersianOwl NamesLance Names
Kids NamesGrow PersianMagenta PersianMonroe Names
Advantage NamesAnew NamesRide PersianPhalanx Names
  • Behdad Behrang
  • Brankat Cyrus
  • Chirag Cirrus
  • Changaze Casper
  • Charlesh Chishti

Persian Pet Names

Canvas NamesChow NamesGranite NamesSwift Persian
Paladin PersianAll Day NamesSmart PersianInvest Persian
Pure NamesVisual PersianAzure PersianMirror Persian
Machine PersianMaha NamesMate PersianShuttle Persian
Tribe PersianRasp PersianRise NamesRecover Persian
Cleopatra PersianGoto PersianManagement PersianWave Persian
Turbo NamesGrow NamesCleopatra NamesWorld Persian
Folder PersianPlug NamesDistinct NamesComplex Persian
Guardian PersianLab NamesExpert PersianKing Names
Royale NamesSolar PersianRock NamesBlur Persian
Persian Pet Names
Persian Pet Names
Sells PersianMillenium NamesJog PersianSimple Persian
Tree NamesPit NamesVintage PersianGrowth Names
Intro NamesKin PersianVanguard NamesPixel Persian
Bloom PersianFarmer PersianBuff PersianTint Names
Iconic NamesThrive PersianSplit PersianWarm Names
Quick NamesCharming PersianTwist NamesExotic Persian
Froglet NamesHaven NamesRustic NamesOverload Names
Craft PersianBrawn NamesPirate NamesAngel Names
Nexus PersianWhiffle NamesGreen Space NamesRoad Persian
Rock PersianVenus PersianLead PersianNixon Names
  • Cye Dara
  • Darab Dabeer
  • Darrius Emad
  • Esfir Elham
  • Erach Eskander

Persian Women Names

Crafty PersianSharanam NamesPoint NamesArdent Names
Lace NamesBlast NamesQuest NamesOrama Persian
Bless NamesLit NamesSimple NamesSeed Persian
Annuity NamesElegant PersianCom PersianLight Persian
FX NamesStem NamesMarksman NamesRefined Persian
Humble PersianAisle NamesMilk PersianJungle Names
Saffron NamesDub NamesPlumping PersianJuno Names
Accent PersianFox PersianPaper PersianArtwork Names
Exposure PersianGrounds NamesHeaven NamesLogic Persian
Generation PersianTractor PersianTwilight NamesClick Names
Persian Women Names
Persian Women Names
Bold NamesChow PersianWind PersianSteep Names
Guardian NamesBoo PersianDistinct PersianWhiffle Persian
Primer NamesTank NamesNature PersianFlower Persian
Bling PersianPurpose PersianFreeze NamesAlley Persian
Vedas PersianCrib PersianExpert PersianFascinating Persian
Faith NamesNourish PersianCalypso PersianOptimal Persian
Made PersianCaramel PersianMention PersianEvermore Names
Bliss PersianTribe PersianFixer NamesSwank Names
Sunrise PersianBubble NamesReps NamesTango Names
Proper PersianCraft NamesCabal PersianModus Names
  • Eskander Haz
  • Habib Hamed
  • Houman Hirad
  • Hafez Hameez
  • Hedyat Hossein

Persian Family Names

Puma NamesHustler NamesPainting NamesWrap Persian
Star NamesPine PersianInvisible NamesLinen Persian
Dream NamesRegency PersianFlarf NamesWander Persian
Torque NamesConnect PersianPrince NamesProduce Names
Precious NamesRide NamesNourish PersianDusk Names
Zap NamesHandsome NamesDreamworld PersianProof Names
Mind NamesNatural NamesAmble PersianPatrol Names
Olive PersianFast NamesSkua PersianBazaar Names
Leaner NamesLord PersianBeacon NamesMinority Persian
Vital NamesSolution PersianCollab NamesStrategy Persian
Persian Family Names
Persian Family Names
Soothe PersianIced PersianAuthentic PersianLore Persian
Major NamesOriginals NamesTrowel NamesAriel Persian
Patience NamesDreamworld NamesFoot NamesRose Persian
Land PersianJam PersianFortune PersianRavishing Names
Air PersianPromo NamesRemarkable PersianRancor Names
Fix NamesMafia NamesPress NamesBreak Names
Zealot PersianFeeds PersianCater PersianDominate Persian
Allegiance NamesCarrier PersianUnited PersianInstant Persian
Skyline NamesNatha NamesCredible PersianLambent Persian
Bambi NamesDash NamesAroma PersianStrictly Persian
  • Habibillah Iihan
  • Ifaaz Iman
  • Jafar Jahan
  • Jalil Javed
  • Mahyar Masooud

Persian Wife Finder

Sense NamesDiamond PersianNeo PersianTog Persian
Sculpt NamesSensation NamesTerror NamesNetwork Persian
Amber NamesMetro PersianCertified NamesSeedling Persian
Corn PersianOgre PersianPath PersianMantra Names
Esthetic PersianLaced NamesKing PersianClub Names
Obelisk NamesCove NamesPulse PersianDeliver Names
Petals NamesLivid NamesDomain NamesReader Names
Calculator PersianGalactic PersianWillow PersianBubbles Persian
Telegraph PersianBlaze NamesBoulevard PersianLoad Persian
Move NamesToss PersianPolitics NamesLiable Names
Persian Wife Finder
Persian Wife Finder
Beam NamesHydroponics NamesDimes NamesForum Names
Drips NamesViper NamesAxe NamesWarm Names
Everyday PersianClever PersianFarms NamesDivine Persian
Rocket NamesFleet NamesPlush NamesRank Names
Boo NamesTemple PersianSteam NamesFort Names
Kitten PersianLeaner PersianBeyond PersianOfficial Persian
Earthbound NamesAphrodite NamesAlliance NamesCrown Names
Amber PersianCloud PersianYoung NamesChakra Persian
Fusion PersianProcess PersianCounter PersianExecutive Names
Rapt NamesBecome NamesK9 PersianRemote Names
  • Nasir Orand
  • Parviz Razban
  • Tahir Tausif
  • Ardeshir Aref
  • Arezoo Arezou

Persian Names For Girl

Prince NamesCounter NamesBash NamesFruity Persian
Collect NamesCollar PersianProject PersianHugsy Names
Hologram NamesEternal PersianTreasures PersianPop Persian
Slush NamesToast NamesAbsolute NamesSteep Persian
Joyous NamesLeaf NamesOrigin NamesDirect Names
Vitality PersianBloom NamesMinute NamesTrain Names
Herb PersianArtha PersianLeading NamesAdjust Persian
Pace NamesAbsolute NamesProcess NamesCritical Persian
Insignia NamesInstant PersianAlert NamesDemand Names
Landscape PersianClever PersianEnchant NamesDash Persian
Persian Names For Girl
Persian Names For Girl
Lodge NamesFancy NamesCollector PersianResponse Persian
Bones NamesLove PersianRevenant PersianEnergy Persian
Aviator NamesTribe PersianArk PersianGrind Names
Champion PersianFlash PersianRah NamesJuicy Names
Omega NamesScope NamesEntrance PersianJam Persian
Greener NamesSmart NamesSplit PersianLifted Names
Times NamesFever NamesCheery PersianOutpost Names
Mass PersianLotus PersianEvoke PersianBright Persian
Agitator PersianBurst PersianAspect NamesCannon Persian
Nimble PersianSource NamesMoorland NamesCatwalk Persian
  • Arezu Aria
  • Arman Arya
  • Asal Atefeh
  • Ava Ayda
  • Ayoub Azad

Is Zara A Persian Name?

Zara has both Arabic as well as Hebrew origins. Gender Zara is most commonly a name of a girl, a derivative of Zahrah.

Are Persians Muslims?

The vast majority of Persians practice Shiite Islam. Before the Muslim conquest of Persia in the 7th-century CE, most Persians followed Zoroastrianism, based on the teachings of the old seer Zoroaster, who lived during the first half of the 1st-millennium BCE.

What Is The Old Name Of Persia?

The term Persia was used for centuries and originated from a region of southern Iran formerly known as Persis, alternatively as Pars or Parisa, modern Fars. The use of the name was gradually extended by the ancient Greeks and other peoples to apply to the whole Iranian plateau.

Rare Persian Names

Add up more names to increase the list of your names.

Ago PersianKeen PersianComplete PersianLegacy Persian
Speedy PersianSavor PersianRose NamesTerra Persian
Raw PersianAccelerate NamesBytes NamesGentle Persian
Modern PersianForm NamesSeed PersianPromise Persian
Guides PersianFresh NamesSpecialty NamesPamper Persian
Angel PersianViewpoint NamesRule NamesMercy Names
Gonzo PersianFluid PersianCore PersianSole Persian
Blocks NamesRank PersianStack NamesAlpha Persian
Flow PersianSurface NamesFly PersianPraise Persian
Lifestyle PersianJourneyman NamesFriendly PersianGrove Names
Rare Persian Names
Rare Persian Names
Principle PersianAwesome NamesStrong-Side NamesWavey Names
Cyclone NamesSunrays PersianEdge NamesBenefit Names
Castaway NamesAlpha PersianRefine NamesDoll Persian
Cache NamesWreath NamesSpecialists PersianSummit Persian
Play By Play PersianAdmire NamesExperts PersianBlue Ocean Persian
Glam NamesChase PersianGambit PersianElite Names
Storm NamesStream NamesOutlook PersianFeedback Names
Artistry PersianImagine NamesTempo NamesProfuse Names
Faction PersianAroma NamesCompanions PersianExpand Names
Complex PersianJet NamesSecret PersianPlains Names
  • Azar Aziz
  • Azra Babak
  • Bahador Bahar
  • Bahman Bahram
  • Bakhiar Bran

Trendy Persian Names

Ry NamesSpecter PersianSurge NamesMetro Names
Critters PersianThief NamesDivine PersianZone Persian
Habit NamesCommerce PersianSlip NamesCanvas Names
Cosmo PersianTruth NamesPassion PersianShip Names
Coast NamesFreedom NamesPal NamesTreasury Persian
Rest PersianEnviro PersianPublic PersianBrigade Names
Profuse PersianNourish NamesArmory PersianStrategy Names
Shadow NamesPaddywack NamesRiver PersianAction Names
Lavish NamesBranch NamesCreatives NamesMaps Persian
Embrace PersianRidge NamesAudit PersianWedge Persian
Rare Persian Names
Trendy Persian Names
Assault PersianAlpha PersianBranch PersianDestination Names
Mind PersianTrade PersianGrace NamesInstant Names
Health NamesCulb PersianSlay NamesBoulevard Persian
Micro NamesStone PersianCool PersianDiamond Persian
Creative PersianCure PersianConfer NamesGrande Names
Sprout NamesFire NamesCatalyst PersianFortune Persian
Simple PersianAppear PersianStandard PersianThink Names
Ry PersianWild PersianLine NamesMyriad Names
Econ PersianFlutter PersianSociety PersianGlam Names
Sonnet NamesBumble PersianFlow PersianHaute Names
  • Behrooz Behrouz
  • Burhanuddin Dana
  • Daniyal Dara
  • Dariush Darya
  • Davud Delara

Coolest Persian Names

Persia is among the oldest inhabited regions in the world. Archaeological sites in the country have established human habitation dating back 100,000 years to the Paleolithic Age with semi-permanent.

Shuttle PersianFirst PersianGiga PersianBrisk Persian
Feast NamesMartyr PersianMode PersianHope Names
Cue NamesWavey NamesMugshot NamesPursuit Names
Eternal NamesOpolis PersianGrinded NamesFreya Persian
Res PersianLifesaver NamesDairy NamesForage Persian
Glamour NamesLily NamesCore NamesCabin Names
Touch NamesWonderland PersianBrewers PersianTropical Persian
Caster PersianSage NamesAir NamesPure Persian
Rooster PersianSunset NamesMate NamesLab Names
Brokers PersianNeon NamesCurl PersianGem Names
Coolest Persian Names
Coolest Persian Names
Inspire NamesHelpline NamesHowl NamesBaker Names
Mage PersianSuperhero NamesInfinite PersianNation Names
Whipped NamesPasture PersianAdemia NamesDeck Persian
Gold NamesCrafts NamesHorde NamesHand Persian
Bloodline NamesColony NamesBox NamesPlants Persian
Preserve PersianBlackboard NamesAspasia NamesSiren Persian
Mugshot PersianAmaze NamesForce NamesDevelop Persian
Bay PersianCoats NamesCharm NamesScrap Names
Juniper NamesMode PersianLust PersianSplash Persian
Rover NamesYouthful PersianGenerate PersianQueen Persian
  • Delshad Ebrahim
  • Ehsan Elaheh
  • Elham Erfan
  • Eskandar Esmaeel
  • Esmaeil Esmail

Persian Names For Twins

Vivid PersianFinesse NamesBrake PersianForums Persian
Fluff NamesPure PersianGuard NamesProduce Names
Push PersianEx PersianLegacy PersianRadiant Names
Tadpole NamesEvolution PersianShed NamesSigma Persian
Essence NamesFlawless PersianShift NamesGlee Persian
Active NamesKey PersianGrinded PersianStrive Names
Lime PersianDaffodil PersianCup NamesAnvil Names
District PersianDelicate NamesFrame PersianMade Persian
Prospect NamesCast PersianTimeout NamesPerspective Persian
Polaroid NamesEasy PersianDrive NamesRoma Names
Persian Names For Twins
Persian Names For Twins
Ark NamesAnanda PersianGuru NamesCracked Persian
DIY NamesEasy NamesRegency NamesSuper Persian
Divine NamesDeveloped PersianFret PersianPop Persian
Pursuit PersianValue NamesPlug NamesIncrease Names
Value PersianExploration PersianLux PersianAble Persian
Sunshine NamesTime NamesHive PersianGrass Names
Lavish PersianAccomplish PersianKissable PersianAdore Names
Eternal PersianApe PersianDine NamesGlory Persian
Finders NamesAccent NamesGo PersianMarket Names
Boost NamesIntel PersianArcas NamesDispatch Names
  • Farhad Farid
  • Faridoon Farrokh
  • Farzaneh Fatemah
  • Feresteh Fereydoon
  • Feredoun Firoozeh

Persian-American Boy Names

Post PersianSugar NamesPortray PersianStardust Persian
Dobby NamesNomad NamesEmerald PersianArmor Persian
Evoke PersianDrive PersianAllure PersianEveryday Persian
Myst PersianDart NamesExcel PersianGalileo Persian
First PersianMaster PersianOutskirt NamesOutlook Persian
Hypnotic PersianAmuse PersianDream NamesLife Names
Specter NamesWavey NamesCreek NamesPotter Persian
Inner PersianEntice NamesBerserker NamesCoastal Persian
Instant NamesRecovery NamesCaffeine PersianDoggy Persian
Faro PersianButterfly PersianKeep PersianCutting Names
Persian-American Boy Names
Persian-American Boy Names
Deep NamesShine PersianNest PersianHamper Persian
Rainbow NamesProfessional PersianTantric PersianAsset Persian
Breathe NamesComfort NamesZita PersianAdvanced Persian
Probe NamesFormula NamesGalvanic NamesMacro Names
Become PersianChaos PersianAce NamesCrater Persian
Essence PersianRound NamesMantle NamesMaximum Persian
Area NamesInfinite PersianDistinct NamesGlum Persian
Alleviating NamesCrisp PersianPop PersianTurbo Persian
AAA PersianRhubarb NamesAnswers NamesState Persian
Siddha PersianSugar PersianSites NamesGuardian Persian
  • Firouz Firouzeh
  • Firuz Firuzeh
  • Gholam Ghoncheh
  • Gohar Gol
  • Golbahar Golnar

Persian Names And Meanings

Check out the below names.

Tiger NamesSattva PersianNurture NamesClubs Persian
Level NamesNova NamesSnifty NamesPredator Persian
Shuttle PersianForum PersianSpree NamesImpact Names
Summit NamesConfections NamesBrand NamesJoint Names
Fair NamesKaruna NamesHead PersianVapor Names
Compass NamesExpanse PersianDomain NamesSprite Names
Crank NamesDigest PersianPoint NamesGreen Names
Progress NamesRevolution PersianMessenger PersianMicrofilm Names
Encourage PersianAnchor NamesSpank PersianStyle Names
Check NamesForce NamesFlake PersianImpulse Persian
Persian Names And Meanings
Persian Names And Meanings
Burb PersianPursue PersianBarter NamesFirst Names
Bleachers NamesKitchen NamesCutter PersianPosh Names
Direct NamesHex PersianIdol PersianGlow Names
Max PersianSkyway PersianWarm NamesZone Persian
Auto NamesRad PersianOffers PersianFramework Names
Split NamesAbsolute NamesStream NamesOverlord Names
Zen NamesCowboy NamesPing PersianPure Persian
Purr NamesImpulse PersianNets PersianKing Persian
Balance PersianLion NamesSpotlight NamesPop Names
Storm PersianEco NamesDrive NamesLift Names
  • Habib Hadi
  • Hamed Hamid
  • Hamideh Hasan
  • Hassan Hayat
  • Iman Isa


Now, you must get the point that if you want to take any name from the particular theme, you should know all the history and naming culture about the same.

After anyone gets the information about such kind, the naming process can be simple.

Try to generate the name with the use of a free name generator from the internet. Make a shortlist, and then go for the further process.

You can always write to us in any case of query. Moreover, suggest more names if you have any so that our readers can take the advantage of it and it can be useful.

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