PDFBear Web Tools: Online Tool Provider to Keep Up With Your Electronic Files

With the significant growth of technology, many people still struggle to handle their electronic files, especially PDF. It’s still happening today to people who don’t know how to do the job or don’t have any system or computer software to make these different file tasks done efficiently. Thus, even the most straightforward way of setting up a password to a PDF file can be a demanding file task to complete. 

Therefore, if you’re one of those having a hard time handling electronic files, PDFBear has something to offer in transforming your laborious job into the most convenient one. PDFBear is a website with a set of web tools that you all need. Hence, check the information below to know more about PDFBear web tools to help you keep up with your electronic files.

Unlock PDF Files

If you have a PDF file with a password and you’ve removed it, the PDFBear unlock PDF tool will surely help you complete it. The tool will make your PDFs password-free so it’ll be so much easier for you to access them instantly. You only have to go to the official website of PDFBear and get your encrypted PDFs uploaded.

You’ll then have to provide the password of your PDFs and hit the “Unlock PDF” button so that the tool will immediately process your files. After a few minutes, you can download the password-free PDFs on your computer or smartphone. That’s the easiest way of unlocking your encrypted PDF files using the PDFBear tool. 

PDF Protection Tool

Setting up a password to a PDF file is an effective way to protect your files from any instances of file access, retrieval, and use without your authorization. You’re lucky because PDFBear’s set of web tools include the PDF protection tool. As the tool’s name means, it allows you to activate a secure password for your PDF files. 

You only need to get your PDFs uploaded on the PDF protection tool of PDFBear that you can find on its official website. Then, you’ll have to create a personalized and secure password. You can combine different numbers, small and capital letters, and other symbols you want to add. 

Within a few minutes, the tool finishes saving the password you’ve provided. After that, your PDF files are now protected from any unpermitted access and use moving forward. That’s the quickest way of setting a password to your PDFs using PDFBear. 

PDF Merger

Organizing tons of PDF files on your smartphone or computer can cause you stress and headache. However, with the help of one of the web tools of PDFBear, doing it will become a piece of cake. PDFBear set of online tools include the PDF merger, which you can use anytime you want for free. 

The tool will combine multiple PDFs, saving them in one PDF file. Hence, if you have several PDFs you use regularly, you can merge them together according to a particular category. For example, the PDFs you always use at work can be combined in a single file. The same thing goes for your PDFs at school, business, or those you use for leisure. You can significantly merge them together based on how you use them. Easy!

File Converter Online

Converting files to other file formats is one of the day-to-day file tasks that most people do, especially when completing a project or accomplishing a particular task. Hence, you don’t have to search for an online tool on the internet anymore to help you do the job because PDFBear has a file converter you can use anytime for entirely free. 

The tool can give you a reliable and fixed PDF copy of your PowerPoint presentations, Excel spreadsheets, and Word documents. It has all your PDF conversion tool needs, wants, and more!

PDF eSign Tool

An important document’s validity and authenticity may usually need a clear signature to appear in a space provided on it. Hence, if it’s a printed one, you can quickly grab a pen and write your signature. However, these things seem to be unattainable when using a PDF file. Don’t worry because you’re lucky to have the PDFBear platform you can always use anytime you want.  

PDFBear’s set of web tools include the PDF eSign tool that will allow you to sign your important PDF files electronically. Everything will be digital as you add your signature to these documents. You can use the computer mouse to manually sign these PDFs or use the laptop’s touchpad, choose either way that you find more comfortable for you. 

You can also upload the image form of your signature on the eSign PDF tool of PDFBear if you have any saved on your smartphone or computer file storage. Hence, this is the painless way of signing your PDF files digitally for validity and credibility purposes of your PDF files. 


It’s a challenging task to do when you manage and organize tons of electronic files in your computer drive or smartphone. However, with the right skillset and online tools, things will become easy and simple. In fact, the list of online tools discussed above is only a few of those you can find on the official website of PDBear. So, try it out for all your PDF file needs, you won’t look any further!

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