Do you believe in editing apps? Well, today’s generation likes to edit their photos before posting them on social media platforms.

People use many types of editing apps these days. And, the purpose of editing apps is to keep customers logged in for extended periods of time.

Nowadays, flipagram is emerging as one of the major editing apps. Flipagram has 4.2 billion per day according to Forbes. That’s a huge number.

Furthermore, flipagram is the best app for iPhone users. It is used approx. 87 countries.

That’s interesting!

Let’s know some more details about flipagram!


Flipagram is a private video storytelling app and is perhaps the most recent to provide a new service that allows users to connect personal stories with one another or a chosen set of friends in society.

Flipagram is simple and enjoyable to use. Compose a slideshow using your best images and video clips to share with friends and family.

But are you wondering that what are the features of flipagram are?

 Now, let’s discuss some features of this app.

Features of Flipagram 

Here are the features of the flipagram:

  • Trendy filters and effects
  • Music can also be added to any project created with this program
  • 3000+ qualified music tracks
  • Cool stickers and fonts
  • Simplified browsing time
  • Gives the perfect audio for your clips
  • Regulation of the speed effect
  • Flow for creating and editing photos and videos in full screen
  • Free music for up to 60 seconds, giving you a wider range of narrative possibilities

Another important feature of this app is that it already has its own social platform where users may share and connect with each other. You may also use your phone or social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook to import photographs.

Although the program is free to use, there are a few disadvantages. For starters, if you aren’t utilizing a premium account, a watermark will be put on your video. Some users have also reported glitches in the program or photos missing from completed projects.

 You also lose ownership of whatever you create if you use this software. Flipagram might save your photographs for an endless length of time, according to the terms and restrictions.

You have read all the pros and cons of flipagram.

Now, let’s talk about how you can make slideshows in flipagram.


In this paragraph, we will learn how to make videos on flipagram. Let’s get started with the procedure.

Here are the steps to make entertaining videos using flipagram:

  1. Firstly, when filming a video, it’s a simple procedure of clicking and dragging photos to where you want them in the presentation.
  2. Then add filters and effects of your choice. You can also add filters to each of your photos.   
  3. Put on transition timing of your wish.
  4. And, lastly include some audio tracks to make your video look lively.

After your amusing video is ready you can also share them immediately with most chat apps or upload them to your Facebook timeline.

So simple! Right?

But are wondering how to share flipagram on Facebook or any other social media apps?

Well, Subscribers of Flipagram now can send Flip to a particular user or group without having to exit the software and publish those freely.

Towards the right of the plus button, which can be used to construct a separate Flip tale, is the DM feature.

It is so easy to make and share videos on flipagram!

There are so many queries by the users of the flipagram. Let’s see what are the frequently asked questions by the people.


Q1. Who bought Flipagram?

Ans. Flipagram is now bought by the Toutiao. Tautiao is a Chinese company and they recently bought the flipagram.

Q2. What is Flipagram called now?

Ans. Flipagram is now called Vigo video. It enables users to edit their photographs and video clips.

Q3. Is Flipagram a social media?

Ans. Not properly but in a way, you can say that it is social media because it facilitates users to post anything directly on other social media apps without opening them. 

Q4. Did Flipagram shut down?

Ans. Well, flipagram was bought by the opponents of the company. So, the name was changed from flipagram to Vigo video. In other words, you can say that yes, flipagram was shut down. 

let’s wrap up this article.


If you haven’t tried the flipagram then you should because it is worth trying. Flipagram will gather all your photos and will make them into one entertaining video clip. 

And, don’t forget to tell us which feature do you like the most about flipagram? 

Hope this article resonates with you!

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