599+Best Choctaw Names

Selecting or collecting Choctaw names is fun. So, let us tell you one thing that there is no particular rule to follow if you are Choctaw. You could be of any age, blood quantum, and profession.

One thing that will be needed is anyone’s desire to participate in an old ritual that may help you better understand the Choctaw culture.

The main thing is up to you that how you use your name and when. You can use it in front of, in the middle of, or after your other names. Earlier, the most used names were paired with nouns and adjectives, or verbs and adverbs.

However, you can select any word or phrase you like, just as our ancestors did. So, let’s start looking for the names.

Choctaw Indian Names

Choosing the Indian name is fun and at the same time challenging. Many of the tribes hearten vision quests. Choosing a name can involve isolation, fasting, and relating dreams. However, the Choctaw approach is more informal.

While Choctaw citizens don’t receive direct payments from the tribe government, a large share of the Nation’s revenues goes toward member services including healthcare, scholarships, and homeownership assistance for enrolled citizens.

Choctaw names are not common as baby girl names. Their usage peaked modestly in 1955 with 0.020% of baby girls being given Choctaw names.

Itilakna – Yellow TreeNashoba Nowa- Walking Wolf
Child Chief- Minko PuskusHoney- Foe Bila
Hush Hummma- birdInuyasha humma- Kettle
Choctaw- Chahta HummaPusha Humma – Meal
Brave- Chilita humanShikoba Humma- Feather
Fox- Chula HummaPeople- Okla humma
House Leader- Chuka HolahtaWar leader or Prophet- Holahta Hopaii
Holahta Humma- holahta red or literllyChuka ishtabi- in a house he took and killed
Nahotabi- he separated with the hand and killedNaholo Imastabi- he seized a white man and killed him
Mama- to deliver something sacredOnatima- when you get there to deliver it
Shikalla ikbi- beadmakerYoung bear- Nitushi
Young Bird- Hushushi blackbirdBorn first- Tikba Atta
Butterfly- HatabushikCatfish- Nakishwana
Change of the moon- HashilliCheerful one- Yukpa
Choctaw man- Chahta hatakA clap of Thunder- Hiloha
Convey News- AnoliFox Cub- Chula ushi
Eagle- TalakoSmall Eagle- Hanan
Grandfather- ImafoGrandmother – Apokni
Blue Hawk- ShanafilaMan- Hatak Awaya
Believer in the gospel- Abu anumpa yimmiTo carry to heaven- Aba Isht ona

Choctaw Baby Names

Choctaw Names
Choctaw Baby Names

In the early days, our people could have many names in our lifetime, either changing each time or adding new names to the earlier ones.

The first name was bestowed by parents at birth and is usually related to something that happened or that was seen at the time of the birth of a baby.

Youngest child- Alia isht aiopiChoctaw Woman- Chahta ohoyo
To be of the Choctaws- Chahta isht atiaThe Coming of daylight- Onnat minti
Eagle-eyed – Imanukfila tunshpaFlash of lightning- hashuk malli
Flying Clouds- Hoshonti YabataOne who mimics- Hibachi apart, naksika binili
Moves quickly- Kannakli sky- MasheliActs for peace- nanaiya large star, Fichik Chito
Makes peace- achukmalechi teaches, ImabachiLarge Tree- Iti Chito chestnut tree, Otapi
Yellow pine- Tiak hobak heart, Chunkash aniLarge path- Hina Chito warrior, Nakni
Steep Place- Sakti chaha washed bright, OkshauanliPurified- Kashofa cool water, Oka Kapassa
Rainmaker- Umbachi deep water- OkshaklaRiver- Oka humma whale, Nani chito
Sensible man- Kostini hatak of peace, hina hantaWise woman- Ohoyo jacket, Yakni foi
A wise man- Hatak hopoksiaWise woman- ohoyo hopoksia
Skillful singer- Taloa imponnaSensible woman- Kostini ohoyo
Wind feathers on an arrow- HottiSilver pen- Tali isht holissochi
Peacock feather- Okchanlush chito shinshiPeach stone, red- Takkon foni humma
Overgladness of heart- chunkash yukpa atapaChoctaw- chahta
Grace- kanaAgreeable- chukma
Handsome- Chito, achukmaBaby- allunsi
Bear- nitaBeginning- amonahatak
Bright- malataCaptivating- ishi kana
Chief- minko chulosa, samantaChild- alla okla

Choctaw Girl Names

In the early days, people who belong to us could have multiple names in one lifetime, either changing each time or adding new names to the old.

The first name was bestowed by parents at birth and is usually related to something that happened or that was seen at the time of birth.

Eagle- talako, onssi hummaEnormous- Chito isi
Evening- opia ohoyoGentle- Kostina kostini
Wish- banna anliSummer- Palli hishi, shikopa
Autumns- ahpiAbutona- one who provides
Achuka- to dwell atAiahnichi- one whose goes thine
Alatoma- arrival to reachAnon Toomer- the one which to get
Armani- he who reaches hisAtepa- Wigwam
Champ ka- which is past thatChamp na- in a house he took
Chuka ishtab- in a house he tookFala- crow
Haschalahurt- an offensee, I killHina hanta- bright path
Lahollo ohoy- beloved womanIllichihona- to die to attain
Imachihona- to give to attainIsi- deer
Kanchitubbee- anywhere to killKih- belief
Lushohomma- to completeMalihomma- blow red
Mantema- to deliver somethingMinko imasta- chief who took
Nahatima- generousNaholo imast- he seized a white
Nahomatima- Seeker giverNahotabi- he separated with
Nashoba- wolfNatastachi- day warrior
Natoma- successfulNatona- successful
Neshoba- wolfNio- savior

Choctaw Boy Names

Throughout the American Revolution, most Choctaw supported the Thirteen Colonies’ bid for independence from the British Crown.

The Choctaw never went to war opposite the United States but they were forcibly relocated in 1831-1833, as part of the Indian Removal, in order for the US to take over their land for development by European Americans.

Nita- bearNitakechi- day prolonger
Nompashtika- speakerNompatisholi- speaker
Oklahoma- a warrior who makesOmechahoya- resembling ascent
Onatima- when you get thereOpal- Owl, grandfather
Pistokinay- the one who seesPoloma- bow
Shanke- the one who turnsTalulah- leaping water
Tanapyahomma- to go to war redTappenahomma- red war club
Al- lark, nobly famousAlabama- thicket clearers
Byhalia- standing white oaksCoahoma- red-colored panther
Kinta- beaverLahoma- the people
Nita- god was graciousOpa- owl
Opah- owlOppah- owl
Oseka- eagleOsekah- eagle
Osika- eagleOsyka- eagle
Osykah- eaglePanola- cotton
Panolah- cottonPanolea- cotton
Panoliya- cottonPanoleah- cotton
Panoliyah- cottonPanolla- cotton
Poloma- bow, dovePolome- bow
Talli- dew from godTallulah- leaping water
Choctaw Boy Names
Choctaw Boy Names
Names AxisChoctaw HotNames BeyondNames Associate
Choctaw EssenceChoctaw BarrelNames SuperiorChoctaw Bonsai
Names DigitalNames ScoutNames PoiseChoctaw Bookworm
Choctaw MotivationChoctaw ReporterChoctaw ThrillChoctaw Blanket
Choctaw ArdentChoctaw TapChoctaw PlantChoctaw Form
Names PerformanceChoctaw ValleyChoctaw SonicChoctaw Sting
Choctaw BoostChoctaw FusionChoctaw SpacesNames Wedge
Choctaw OrchidChoctaw InfinityNames SwitchNames Infinity
Choctaw YidamNames SweetChoctaw CarouselNames Scope
Names FarmsNames HeracleNames SerumChoctaw Trace
Names LighthouseChoctaw MilliChoctaw EdenNames Snap
Names ShotChoctaw CavernNames TopNames Lab
Names BloomChoctaw ForgeChoctaw TodayChoctaw Alpine
Names MethodChoctaw SimpleChoctaw HaulNames Press
Choctaw BlinkChoctaw LimitlessNames EntourageChoctaw Complex

Choctaw Names And Meanings

The names added over the course of a lifetime might represent an event in an individual’s life, ranging from the trivial to a great victory in battle. Umpteen names derive from different groups.

However, there are exceptions to this also. The red or humma group was one of distinction. The red name has taken on the Choctaw to act with honor and courage.

Humma was in all likelihood one of the largest name groups. Look at some of the names below.

Names OrzoNames GardenChoctaw FlagChoctaw Share
Names TreasureChoctaw AllocateChoctawlanceNames Shift
Choctaw SurveyorChoctaw BlissChoctawworksChoctaw Essence
NambeaChoctaw JointNames PleasureChoctaw Look
ChoctawbiaChoctaw ImageChoctaw CloudChoctaw United
Choctaw OrchidChoctaw CzarNames AllegianceNames Fair
NamomaticChoctaw PerspectiveChoctawjetChoctaw Element
Names QuestChoctawaraChoctaw ValueChoctaw Osiris
Choctaw OptimumChoctaw RunNames AnticsNames Treasury
Choctaw MortalNames CleverChoctaw TastingsNames Post
Names PrevailNames GoodChoctawlyticalChoctaw Heroine
Names BountyChoctaw BlitzNamcogChoctaw Sweet
Names OrchidNames EagerChoctaw DragChoctaw Rex
Choctaw FetchingChoctaw WantedChoctawadilChoctaw Fable
Names ComfortNamsterNames FaqsChoctaw Benefit
Names StreetNames HeroineChoctaw EnchantedChoctaw Native
Names ColorNames BlocksChoctaw KronicNames Fence
Choctaw MartyrNames WinterNames MentionChoctaw Pantry
NamologyNames JellyNames DefenceNames Buffer
Choctaw SensualNamwindNames FadNames Proof
Names AgileNamneticChoctaw BeaverNames Wilderness

Choctaw Native American Names

Choctaw Names
Choctaw Native American Names

Native Americans have been in the Americas for at least 15,000 years. It is easy to see their influence in art, music, food, games, products, words, and names throughout the United States.

While many rivers, towns, and states have names that are Native in origins. Native American names are not as prominent in mainstream culture.

Choctaw GenieNames FlickerChoctaw LifeNames Redstone
Choctaw DelightsNames VisiblyChoctaw GateChoctaw Race
Choctaw IntuitionNames ChromaNames BodhiNames Cannon
Choctaw FieldChoctaw DocumentChoctaw TransitNames Powder
Choctaw CuriosityNames AdvanceChoctaw ZoomNames Egghead
Choctaw PremiumNames EnhancedNames SplashNames Cannon
Choctaw ConnectionNames LoopNames Pin-UpNames Bulb
Choctaw ConnectionNames EasyChoctaw ScrubNames Progress
Choctaw BlueprintNames CosmicNames UprootChoctaw Session
Choctaw SourceChoctaw RunwayChoctaw TimeChoctaw Ancestor
Names ImpulseNames GlumNames TemptingChoctaw Pace
Choctaw ForesightNames TriviaNames BonitaNames Pleasure
Choctaw BuffChoctaw PeakChoctaw ResultNames Vintage
Choctaw BlessChoctaw PopNames RushChoctaw Simple
Choctaw ShelterChoctaw CrazyChoctaw JointChoctaw Estates
Choctaw Free FireChoctaw PitChoctaw DropNames Pro
Names PursuitChoctaw RegisterChoctaw NetworkNames Bro
Choctaw RunnersChoctaw TotsNames ExtractNames Maker
Choctaw CarnationsChoctaw DreamingChoctaw BoxNames Prime
Choctaw AladdinNames GlitterNames RocketChoctaw Atomic

Choctaw Female Names

The Choctaw tribe are descendants of the Hopewell and Mississippian cultures, who lived throughout the east of the Mississippi River valley and its tributaries.

The Choctaw coalesced as a people in the 17th century and developed three distinct political and geographical divisions.

Choctaw PerkyChoctaw TurnChoctaw AlmanacNames Management
Choctaw BroChoctaw KarunaNames FormChoctaw Bureau
Choctaw PressNames TakeoffChoctaw EliteChoctaw Secure
Names VilleNames ScrapNames RavishingNames Intelligence
Names FaqsNames SupremeNames TitterNames Drill
Choctaw PropelNames RadiusNames FlightNames Colorist
Names KingdomNames BoothChoctaw FusionChoctaw Daytime
Names ExpanseNames UniverseNames CorporateChoctaw Diamond
Names ShaktiNames FantasyNames DuskChoctaw Capture
Names FixChoctaw ButtercupNames JoyNames Dynasty
Names SourceNames MaximusChoctaw ControlNames Timeless
Choctaw PatchChoctaw EmeraldNames UrbanNames Earth
Choctaw FactorNames SeasonedNames AnimeChoctaw Valley
Names ShopsNames MerchChoctaw ChorusChoctaw Lucious
Choctaw TreasuresChoctaw ExploreNames MoveNames Lighthouse
Choctaw AtomicNames EntourageChoctaw CornerstoneNames Anew
Names WispyNames LuxeNames UnityNames Diva
Names PlantedNames SensualNames SinChoctaw Tec
Choctaw InfiniteChoctaw CraftNames EnergizeChoctaw Blurred
Names VertexNames BentNames CutsNames Craftsman

Choctaw Names For Babies

Native American names come from numerous diverse tribes and landscapes, including the Hawaiian islands. Because of this diversity, naming traditions tend to vary as well.

Choctaw For Babies
Choctaw Names For Babies

A few names of places or tribes, such as Dakota and Cheyenne, have seen some popularity over the years. However, most Native names, even famous ones like Pocahontas and Sequoyah are not common.

Names SuperiorChoctaw HolographChoctaw MicroNames Cloud
Choctaw NattyNames DefiniteChoctaw ArtworkNames Sage
Choctaw SagaNames CoveyNames RichNames Cactus
Choctaw ShantiNames HydraChoctaw PicksChoctaw Dark
Names TIntedChoctaw MandalaNames PeeweeChoctaw Augur
Names RabbleNames AssaultNames DevoteChoctaw Wavy
Choctaw SpireChoctaw AmbitionNames SerumNames Catalyst
Choctaw RoyaleChoctaw AspireNames SuedeChoctaw Adorable
Choctaw MagChoctaw CompactNames BotNames Race
Choctaw TapNames SilhouetteNames UnitNames Velocity
Names SmewNames MacroChoctaw SpadNames Cabin
Choctaw HacksNames PaletteChoctaw ZenChoctaw Crazy
Names PeakNames LobbyChoctaw VinyasaChoctaw Craft
Choctaw GiggleChoctaw OperationNames RockNames Forward
Names LibraNames DrawChoctaw LookoutNames Spark
Choctaw WellbeingNames SwapChoctaw ImmersiveNames Market
Choctaw ResourceNames CuilNames CityNames Addict
Names MarvelNames AttireNames SleekNames Bliss
Names SideChoctaw LightNames AugurChoctaw Burnout
Names PosseNames SonicNames RancorChoctaw Foundry

Choctaw Indian Names And Meanings

The Choctaw were a tribe of Native American Indians who originated from modern Mexico and the American Southwest to settle in the Mississippi River Valley for about 1800 years.
They are known for their head-flattening and Green Corn Festival, these people built mounds and lives in a matriarchal society.

Your ancestor must have been living in Indian Territory during the enrollment period and must have been able to prove their Choctaw heritage thus enrolling as Choctaw.

Names StadiumChoctaw ForestNames UniformChoctaw Rage
Names CameraChoctaw RevenantNames ColorsChoctaw Drive
Choctaw LilyChoctaw BustersNames CreativeChoctaw Box
Choctaw GraphicsNames FlawlessChoctaw NestNames National
Names CraftsChoctaw CanisterNames KisanNames Nectar
Names AgueNames FardChoctaw ObeliskNames Shape
Choctaw VaultChoctaw NiftyNames AbhayaNames Allure
Choctaw DareChoctaw CulbNames GeniusNames Cymbal
Names CarefreeChoctaw ButcherChoctaw UltraChoctaw Blueprint
Choctaw SkywayChoctaw FlareChoctaw GreensChoctaw Fox
Choctaw IntellectChoctaw ZipChoctaw KnitChoctaw Plush
Names ExpeditionNames TornadoChoctaw ArcaneNames Funk
Choctaw ToughChoctaw OneChoctaw LeagueChoctaw Sunrays
Names AngoraChoctaw InkChoctaw SlurpNames Critters
Names HavenChoctaw GuideNames InfoChoctaw Operate
Names EnhancedNames BridgeChoctaw ProtectNames Odyssey
Choctaw OptimumChoctaw BackfieldChoctaw JaguarNames Still
Choctaw LucidChoctaw PlannerNames WorkshopChoctaw Floral
Choctaw DreamChoctaw ParamountNames FlipChoctaw Eternal
Names MarketsChoctaw GuideChoctaw BoneChoctaw Aura


The Choctaw are a Native American people occupying what is now the Southeastern United States. Their Choctaw language belongs to the Muskogean language family group.

The Choctaw is the third-largest federally recognized tribe. So now, you are all up to the Choctaw names. You can write to us if you have any queries.

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