Becoming a Valorant Master: Strategies for Pro-Level Play

When it comes to arena shooters, modern gamers are spoilt for choice. Back in the day you were restricted to Team Fortress 2 or any of its rubbish rip-offs. But once Overwatch was launched many other developers realized the potential of the genre and turned their hands at making an arena shooter.

Riot Games are one of the most successful games development companies currently out there. League of Legends is still as popular as it ever was. Their TV show, Arcane, was a smash hit. And their arena shooter, Valorant, is slowly becoming one of the best in the genre. 

Riot puts a lot of emphasis on competitive play within their games. League of Legends is huge on the Esports scene. And Valorant is no exception to this. Which is what makes it one of the most difficult games to go pro on. But to help your journey to the pro circuit we have prepared this list of strategies.

Study The Maps

No battle in history has ever been won without knowing your terrain. It is war 101. And this rule applies to video games as well. Especially games like Valorant. The difference between a pro Valorant player and a novice is their mastery of the maps.

Valorant has 8 different maps and you need to know each of them inside and out. You need to know the best spots for ambushing and sniping. The best locations to hide for recovery. And you need to know how the different characters function on the different maps.

Some characters will do better on certain maps than others. So you should spend some time playing each character on every map so that you can make better character selections during ranked matches. It will also be useful to help you decide who to ban.

Run Team Practice

Playing Valorant as part of a team is always preferable to playing solo. In solo ranked you can’t always rely on your teammates to play to your standard. But just having a full team isn’t enough to succeed. You need to be a well oiled machine. And to reach that point you need to have regular practice sessions. 

To really take your practice to the next level we suggest making use of the various working valorant cheats to better let you focus on the areas of gameplay you need to improve on. Split your team into two and have one side utilize invincibility cheats. This will force the other side to have to focus on survivability. Use infinite ammo cheats to allow you to practice your aiming skills.

Watch The Pros Play

If you look at any top-tier sports team you will see that they spend as much time off the pitch as they do on. A lot of their time is spent studying their opponents and pro teams of the past to better learn what tactics work and what tactics don’t.

This works just as well for becoming a Valorant pro. Spending a few hours a week watching the Pro leagues or watching pro players on Twitch and taking notes of how they are playing. Try to focus on their positioning and timings. Listen to the advice they are giving and don’t be afraid to ask questions in their Twitch chat. 

Prepare Your Plays

When playing a team ranked match of Valorant you need to know how you plan to approach the battle ahead of you. Running in blindly is a surefire way to lose. Which is why you need to sit down and discuss your tactics as a team long before you start playing.

You can’t just have one play in your playbook either. You need to have a number of different plays arranged to account for different situations. What if the opposing team perfectly counters your first tactic? If you haven’t prepared a backup plan you are going to start panicking and lose. 

This is another reason why we recommend you watch the pro teams at work. You will soon learn the best tactics. But keep in mind that a lot of teams will try to use the same tactics as the pros. So we also recommend trying to devise a counter strategy to the most popular pro tactics. 

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