6 Essential Remote Workers Toolkits

Working remotely is quickly becoming a new norm. Most people enjoy remote working due to the freedom that comes with it. A person can work on their terms, in their preferred settings, and with ease. Especially since COVID-19, people have increasingly started shifting towards it or the hybrid models. Companies have also embraced this new way of working. Inarguably, it offers several benefits but we cannot shy away from the fact that it also includes some challenges.

To overcome them, you must get your hands on a few essential toolkits we have mentioned in this article.

Such challenges involve managing the team and the constant overflow of work. Additionally, you also need to keep a check on a reliable internet connection. A stable connection ensures that you can work without any obstacles or delays in the task. For this, you must have a subscription to a provider that specializes in delivering top-notch internet business services. In this regard, Comcast is known for its impeccable connectivity and wide coverage. And it gets better. If you are a person of Hispanic descent, then you can also learn more about it by visiting Comcast Internet Español and checking its diverse plans and packages in the ease of your language.

Without much further ado, let’s take a look at some of the essential tools you should have as a remote worker.

1. Zoom

There is a pretty good chance you are already aware of Zoom, if not, then allow us to enlighten you with its tons of advantages and attractive features. Zoom is a video telephony software program that is used for high-quality audio and video. What’s more, it allows up to 100 participants to video and audio call each other, at the same time, and that too for free. However, this free plan comes with a 40-minute time restriction, which can be expanded if you get a subscription to it.

Multiple features like low bandwidth and screen-sharing options become its selling point, and this is probably why it has been gaining massive popularity in the online community.

2. ProofHub

ProofHub brings together everything in one place. It continues to be a favorite of its regular users due to its umpteen benefits. It includes online proofing, discussions, remote project management, and an option for a chat window to offer your input and feedback.

With ProofHub, every participant can have a smooth interaction with the clients and each other. Because of its several functions catering to project management, this software has become a go-to tool for remote workers and particularly remote teams.

3. Google Drive

When it comes to cloud storage systems, it is hard not to rave about Google Drive. You might have already been using it for personal purposes but let us tell you, Google Drive is one of the most sought-after tools amongst professionals because of its features like file sharing, seamless syncing across multiple devices, backups, and its smooth integration with Google Photos and other toolkits provided by Google.

Google Drive supports more than 100 file types including Microsoft Office. In this way, you can collaborate easily with your teammates on documents, and sheets, or make PowerPoint presentations with them. The thing that stands out the most in Google Drive is its state-of-the-art artificial intelligence capabilities to prioritize your most relevant files in the drive. It also gives you quick access to the files you work on the most.

4. Evernote

Having a hard time finding a good note-taking app? Well, look no further because Evernote is here to solve all your problems. With this incredible tool, you can manage everything when it comes from writing down meeting minutes to remembering what the client asked you to do.

People popularly use it for personal journaling, however, its effectiveness also allows you to use it seamlessly for business purposes. It is easy to use and easy to access, which means you can simply keep it on your smartphone and pull it up whenever an idea strikes you.

5. Slack

Online chat applications have done wonders for companies – big or small. They have shifted the entire norm from sending an email to simply chatting with each other in real time. When it comes to the industry of chat apps, Slack stands tall amongst all its competitors. It is super easy to install and get a hang of.

You can use it for direct messaging, attachment of files and documents, and sharing of comments and ideas. Remotely working teams can use it for collaborative projects because it effectively brings together an entire team in one place. Moreover, you can install its app on your iOS and Android devices.


Unleash your inner geek with Todoist. This amazing tool allows you to organize your tasks and keep tabs on them. We all work best when we have a complete list of tasks to follow. In this regard, Todoist makes it all way easier by offering attractive features like creating tasks, projects, and subtasks and adding reminders to them.

In addition to this, you can also flag the tasks you want and add notes to ones that require extra details. Its feature of a productivity chart makes it one of the most demanded productivity tools for remote workers.

The Bottom Line

It has become quite important to invest in good remote working tools. Getting the ones with low-efficiency rates is only going to raise more challenges for you. Therefore, we suggest you get the ones we have mentioned above since they are known for increasing productivity, providing a seamless channel for collaboration, and storing your important files in one place.

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