5 Ways to Boost Your Marketing Campaign Using Text-to-speech

Marketing campaigns lead customers to desired actions. The success of your campaign is contingent on how users interact with your content. It will drive everything forward. 

The most common problem faced by marketers is effectively reaching their target audiences and making them understand their products or services. Addressing the issue, brands have started to provide an audible version of their content. With the growing success of podcasts and audiobooks, it is fair to say that people nowadays are getting more inclined towards listening,

Thanks to TTS, companies now have an easy option to boost conversions, generate more leads, and educate people about the product.

Now, what is TTS?

Text-to-speech is a read-aloud technology that converts written digital text to audio. Text-to-speech (TTS) is becoming pretty popular among digital users. That’s why hefty companies such as Amazon.com, Microsoft Corporation, Nuance Communication, Google, Inc., etc., are investing in these voice campaigns.

We have brought you the top 5 ways to boost your marketing campaign using text-to-speech.

  1. Podcast Marketing 

In a mid-roll recall survey of 2016, it was reported that around 80% of listeners are more likely to recall a particular brand they have heard about in a podcast advertisement. Despite being efficient, text to voice is the most affordable strategy to reach out to customers. Using text to speech generator, you can form a podcast in just a few minutes. 

Secondly, podcasts or videos, at the same time, are much more engaging than usual written content. What would you prefer if you were given a choice between listening to a 6-minute podcast or reading a 2000 word long-form article? Most of the heads will say “yes” to listening. 

You can also make videos and audios to help your target audience better understand your product or services. Around 94% of marketers agree that videos or audios are more effective in explaining to people their services. 

Last but not least, the reason why you must include audio content is that it brings more traffic to your site. Listeners get crazy about the second episode after listening to the first episode. It keeps up with the audience and doesn’t let the public switch to other competitors.

  1. Personalized ad campaigns.

Customers want companies to treat them as individuals, and personalized marketing can help accomplish that. It truly engages customers by communicating effectively. If users find their problems being addressed in ads, you have taken one step closer to the desired click.

 Did you know digital audio advertising revenue is even more than $2.3 billion? StubHub, the Amazon podcast, Google Podcasts, iTunes, Stitcher, SoundCloud, Podbean, and Spotify are excellent examples of such audio campaigns. Such ad campaigns have a long-lasting impact on audiences.  

With AI advancements text to voice generator is the most compatible tool for ad campaigns, as it ensures minimum turnaround time, easy editing, and dozens of language and accent options.

  1. Let illiterate people or those with low or no eyesight listen to your content.

It is the most obvious and significant factor that TTS lets illiterate and low-vision people access your content. As per a WHO report, around 285 million people are found to be visually impaired in the whole world. 

On the other hand, around 14% of the world’s population is still illiterate. Any content in audible format will let more people open your application or sites on various platforms, hence fostering your marketing campaign. Moreover, people can listen to the content in various other languages, thus interacting with people in a better way

  1. Brand awareness.

You can set your brand’s voice tone in such a specific way that it makes an impact and recognition on people’s minds. From the brand’s pauses to numbers, dates, and times of release, to acronym pronunciation, each factor speaks about your product. 

The updated text to voice generator can now communicate more interactively in even different languages. As we recognize humans with their voices, your brand can also be recognized by its voice. All you need to do is to set a specific voice tone for your brand that makes it stand out from other brands.

  1. Leads to a better understanding of the message or services.

Text to voice oriented campaigns lead to a better understanding of the message you want in your article or the services you need to interpret for the target audience. 

Written communication, sometimes can’t interact with people as oral communication does. It can discern the message in a more ger and clearer way. It makes customers conserve information about your brand for a very long time.

Switch to text to voice oriented marketing campaigns.

Audio-based content is one of the most influential ways of marketing in recent times. ROI is the most crucial factor today. AI-based text to voice generators can get the job done without heavy dollars spent on text-to-speech. In today’s scenario, the web is flooded with content. Everyone is multitasking and going through various brands. The convenience and accessibility of text-to-speech help you stand out and cater to the growing base of potential customers who are listening to content on the internet.

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