5 Advantages Of Using PNG Format For Any Web-based Transactions

Portable Graphics Format or popularly known as PNG, is an open format and one of the most used image formats. The format was initially created to take over Graphics Interchange Format (GIF). Users usually convert their PDF files into PNG format because of the comfort it brings. The conversion usually takes place on a specific web-based tool. 

One of the websites they usually use is PDFBear. The site features PDF to PNG converter tools for entirely free. However, aside from converters, PDFBear also offers other free tools for your computer documents. This includes repair PDF tools, merge PDF, and protect PDF tools. 

How To Use The Site’s Converter Tool?

The very first thing that you have to do to convert your PDF to PNG online is to select the files from your computer and drag them to the site’s toolbox. When the files are ready, the tool will automatically convert them after scanning. For a step-by-step guide, follow this procedure below. 

Drag The PDFs To The Toolbox

Open your file manager, select the PDFs you wish to convert into PNG, and drag them to the converter toolbox. This uploading process will be fast and secure, and you don’t have to install extra software just to complete the entire converting procedure. 

Allow The Tool To Scan Your Inputs

Allow the toolbox to safely scan your downloaded documents before it converts them into PNG format. Rest assured that there will be no confidential data leaked. PDFBear guarantees its users from different parts of the world that their documents will be safe and protected under their service. 

The Tool Will Convert Your PDF Files Into PNG

After your files are uploaded to its toolbox within a few seconds, the tool will automatically convert your PDF files to PNG in a hassle-free way. The whole conversion will take place on their cloud. Thus,  no internal storage will be used. 

Download Your Newly Converted PNG Image

After the three steps mentioned, you are free to save and download your newly converted PNG image. You can save it on your device or your Dropbox and Google Drive accounts. If you are using a device that does not have PNG support tools for your PDF, don’t worry! The only thing you need at PDFBEAR is a working Internet browser. Import your PDF files and convert them to PNG on any browser that uses our framework. 

Advantages Of Using PNG File Format

Users would say that PNG offers a lot of advantages compared to its neighbor formats like JPEG and GIF. These advantages are the reasons why they often opt for PNG format in presenting or sending their files. Some of these advantages include:

Utilizes Better Compression Technology

Compared to GIF, PNG utilizes better compression technology, making them a top choice when someone wants to send a file through Messenger, Gmail, Twitter, and other social media platforms. When the file size is smaller, you can easily download it, which also means that it will not consume a large amount of space in your storage. 

Licensed Format

Developed by the W3C, the PNG file format is highly considered a licensed format that will surely stay free and open standard for all its users worldwide. Its features will stay permanent throughout the decades. Even if the technology evolves, the quality of this file format will remain absolute. 

Highly Supports Transparency

Another main advantage of PNG is that it highly supports the processing of digital photos with transparent sections. Please notice that the JPEG makes these transparent parts a white-colored hue. Thus, when sending the file to its intended recipients, expect a top-quality resolution. 

Best For Editing Digital Pictures

PNG is said to be the ideal file format for storing pictures for digital editing. This is because PNG is a lossless compression format. You are free to make some edits. Speaking of editing the file, PDFBear also offers an editing tool. You can visit the website now and check it out.

Wide Color Depth

PNG is appropriate for various forms of digital files, including photos and graphics. The format also supports palette-based photographs as 24-bit RGB or 32-bit RGBA palettes, and also grayscale graphics. 

In A Nutshell

PNG file format is widely used due to its advanced characteristics compared to other known formats out there. The format has a smaller file size. Thus, hundreds of users often converted their files into PNG for a fast and secure file transfer. 

For a better file conversion solution, users mostly utilize PDFBear’s service. PDFBear offers a secure PDF to PNG converter tool that can work on multiple platforms as long as you have a working internet connection. To get you started, follow the procedure already mentioned above, and everything will be smooth. No worries, as PDFBear will automatically delete your data after an hour for your own privacy. 

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